Selling a home in any type of market may be a lot of work and can be a stressful situation if not done well. Your ultimate goal is to get the home sold. Here are some tips that you can do prior to listing your home and selling for top dollar! You may think that my house will be sold because it is a seller's market, but you want to still price your house right so that you get top dollar for your home. 

Tip 1: Hire a Real Estate Agent.

This may be a biased tip here, however, we want to relay why it is important to hire a real estate agent for one of your biggest assets you will own. It might be attractive to try to figure out the real estate process yourself. We do more than just put your home on the MLS system and get it onto We provide…

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CREB MEDIA RELEASE: Sellers' market in February leads to rising prices

City of Calgary, March 1, 2021 –

With gains in every price range, residential sales activity in February totalled 1,836.

This reflects the best February since 2014.

“Despite continued COVID-19 restrictions, housing activity continues to improve. Much of the strong sales activity is expected to be driven by exceptionally low mortgage rates,” said CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie.

“Confidence is also likely improving as vaccine rollouts are underway. Additionally, some of the worst fears concerning the energy sector are easing with recent gains in energy prices.”

New listings also improved in February, but the gap between new listings and sales narrowed. This is…

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Steps to Buying a House

There's much more to buying a house than people think at first. If you are a first-time home buyer - you might be lost in the sea of information.

We believe that's everything you're looking for so we wrote a 10-step article that will help you purchase a new home, deal with financing, handle the legal stuff before and after the purchase of your new home.

This guide will help you and even guide you in the process of a home purchase so keep on reading to find out what's waiting for you! Buying a home can cause anxiety, but working with a great real estate agent that can guide you through the process makes the situation easier, be sure to have fun along the process – it is an exciting process to look forward to the final…

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Hiring a Condo Review Specialist

Purchasing a home can be an exciting process in your life, not having the right information can make the process very complicated or tedious. Making sure that you are making a solid judgment that this is the best property for your needs is crucial. Purchasing a condo, especially in Calgary, can be a great opportunity to own your place. Many first time home buyers start off by purchasing a condo as their entry point into real estate. Some people purchase a condo strictly for investment purposes. There may be a variety of reasons why an individual would want to purchase a condo, Regardless of the reason, it is important to understand the basics of what a condo is, what are condo docs, and why they are important to review. 

What is a Condominium?


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Roof Ice Damn example - winter home tips

Winter is here. It is a good time to make sure your home is running smoothly to get you through to the spring! This is the time when we do not want our house to have issues. 

Some simple things to do around the house:

1. Change the Furnace Filter

  • Furnace filters should be changed at least every 6 months. Like changing your car, the filter in your furnace helps to make sure the home is running at maximum efficiency. Ultimately, it removes the dust and debris from your vents and circulating through the home. Don't get a Furnace filter confused with an air purifier, but it does help to reduce the dust, hair, and some contaminants. There are reusable and single-use filters available. Sizes vary for filters, but most standard sizes can be…

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calgary invoice

It's an exciting time when you are starting out your adult life, getting married, having kids/pets together, and possibly purchasing a house together. Many people do not plan on what will happen if things fall apart. Even if you have a plan, pre-nuptials, or other things to protect your future, it doesn't always go as planned. A divorce or separation can be a long, emotional and costly process; and this article may give you some information about what you can do with your matrimonial home and ease one component of the big process. The main goal is to find a resolution for all parties and start the healing process.

The process of getting a divorce or separation can be extremely stressful for all parties involved. There are three major things that…

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The sales in October in Alberta had a jump of 22.1% over October 2019 with a total of 5,696 sales. This combined with the listing inventory dropping by 16.3% to 24,867 listings across the Province has helped keep the markets balanced with 4.37 months of supply.  The recent sales increase can be attributed to lowering inventory, low-interest rates, a decline in household spending and increased savings. All of the larger markets showed marked improvements year over year with the exception of Grande Prairie and Fort McMurray which both experienced slower months in sales.  That being said, even with the uptick in sales over recent months, it hasn't been enough to exceed sales of 2019 except in the case of Lethbridge. The year to date adjustment in…

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fall leaves maintenance

As summer nears its end, and the warmer days left in the season are numbered, make your life easier by taking care of some end-of-summer maintenance tasks before colder air rolls in.  Some tasks are an absolute must for homeowners in colder climates, while others will just make your life easier:

  • Test your heating system - It is recommended that you have your furnace inspected and serviced once a year.  Now is the right time for that.  You don't want to flip the switch on the first cold day of the season only to find you have an ailing furnace that requires repair.  Replacing your furnace filter should also be done and is something you can take care of on your own.  If its been a few months since it was last replaced, it is probably due.  You can…

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Pros and Cons to purchasing a condo in Calgary

A condominium purchase is something that you should consider when purchasing a home. Here are a few great reasons why it's a good idea!

Pros of Owning a Condo:

Downsizing for Seniors and Older Adults

What better tenant that older adults are retired or semi-retired! When the hectic years of raising a family flow into the tranquillity of retired or semi-retired empty-nesting-for-two, they typically are looking to get rid of their big homes and settle into a simpler life. They may be travelling more and will take good care of your investment.

Minimal maintenance – No shovel required

In condo land, there’s no grass to cut and no exterior maintenance. As a condo owner, you can watch the work happen while you continue with what you do for a living. Also,…

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Guide to buy or sell during COVID

Thank you for putting your trust in us as we guide you through the process of purchasing or selling real estate during COVID-19. We know that now more than ever it is vital to have the right company behind you to navigate these waters. We are so proud you have chosen to work with us, and we want you to know that we do not take that responsibility lightly.

Secondly, it’s important to recognize that real estate is an essential service, and our agents are well informed and ready to work with you to fulfill your real estate goals and needs. We are educated on the intricacies of protecting you, your property and how to most effectively navigate the real estate transaction during this pandemic.

We working with CIR Realty are leading the industry on…

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