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Calgary is a diverse and expansive city built on a quadrant system with easy access to the mountains and river valleys. Calgary’s appeal goes beyond oil, gas and cowboy hats. This city has something for everyone.


Lying at the foothills of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, and at the meeting point of the Bow and Elbow Rivers in south-central Alberta, Calgary is the largest city in Alberta with over 1 million residents and growing.

Calgary has seen much economic success and is growing quickly. Alberta’s economy, driven by its massive oil reserves, is seeing its biggest boom in the province’s history. As a result, Calgary is experiencing an enormous boost in real estate, employment, and general population wealth. Alberta tends to have a more conservative

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CIR REALTY is Calgary’s largest independent agency with over 700 REALTORS® and Staff spread over four Calgary; and over ten Alberta satellite offices. As a member of Leading Real
Estate Companies of the World™, CIR REALTY is proud to also be one of the 600 affiliate firms in the world-wide organization that holds the number one position in terms of sales or volume
in more of the top markets than any other national association. Leading Real Estate Companies of the World is a network of independent real estate brokerages spanning 70 countries and including more than 130,000 real estate professionals who, collectively, sell more property than any of the large national brands. Compared to our competition, we operate as one company vs. franchised across the

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The True Cost of Selling Your Home Without a Professional Real Estate Agent

 House for Sale

Everybody wants to save a little money, especially when selling your most valuable asset. So when Angela was ready to sell her home a few years ago, she figured she could try to sell it herself — without using a real estate agent. After all, her property was in a hot real estate market, and most of her network shops online - and she thought: "How hard could this be?"

Angela, a busy single mother of two, had become overwhelmed juggling her daily responsibilities in addition to owning her own home. She was waiting for the market to warm up, and when she felt like when it became a “hot market”, she decided that it was time to sell.

In hopes of saving some money, Angela

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Financial Challenges that Women Typically Face in regards to their wealth:

Financially free happy woman - iwrealestate


On average, women live longer than men
•In 1970, men could expect to live to age 69 and women to age 76
•In 2016, the average Canadian can expect to live even longer –up to age 79 for men and age 83 for women*
•Longer lifespans means women will need to fund longer retirements, protect their savings from inflation for longer and can potentially pay more for ongoing health care

Women are more likely to become widowed than men
•Typically widows face a 7% reduction in their median income in the first two years after widowhood*
•Being single can mean proportionally higher living expenses and additional responsibility to manage the family’s wealth

Women tend to leave the

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Smart marketing from this home owner looking to sell her very large home in Millarville in the most creative way

Millarville Home - Contest Facebook Social Media



Wagner's $1.7-million property in Millarville could be yours — for a small entry fee and some creative pencraft. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/millarville-million-dollar-home-contest-1.4985249?fbclid=IwAR2AWI9Up0vmclKSgZx5T0QtoL52-0dNqWDqDg04agG-0_cy3rWJoRoLeD8 

“This house — every single element of it is myself, my emotions, our designs, our comfort for us,” she said. “Every single craftsmanship and artistry that we had, we put into this. But it was all just to make it into a comfortable home, and to reflect our culture, because I wanted elements from where I come from, the Caucasus.”



If you are

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South Health Campus Seton Hospital South Calgary Hospital


There are 5 main general hospitals in the City of Calgary that serve over 1.25 million residents. And over 2 million people in Calgary, Southern and Central Alberta, Eastern British Columbia, and Southern Saskatchewan.

Foothills Medcal Centre

1403 29 St NW



Alberta Children's Hospital

2888 Shaganappi Trail NW



Peter Lougheed Medical Centre

3500 - 26 Avenue NE



Rockyview General Hospital

7007 - 14 Street

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We are big believers that mindset and setting goals are the key to success in life.

 daily affirmation beach be grateful

Here are some things that we practice daily and can help you achieve your success:


  • Be Grateful and Thankful More -- When people help you or do things for you show your gratitude, verbalize it!   Drop accusations and threats that won't build your success, and will cause major rifts in your relationships and reputation.  People don't want to work with those who constantly demonstrate those behaviours. Focus on positive behaviours and gratitude, these draw people to you rather than repel people away.
  • Make time for those who mean the most to you -- don't give up time to be with those that mean the most to you. Schedule it in.
  • Help your clients beyond
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https://airdriefestivaloflights.com/ Airdrie Festival of Lights Airdrie Festival of Lights happens in the community of Luxstone. In the Nose Creek Park. Luxstone is home of Nose Creek Park in Airdrie! Annually Nose Creek Park is the location for the Airdrie Festival of Lights. The Airdrie Festival of Lights is a free festival that has always been committed to providing an affordable, family friendly Christmas Festival of Lights experience for the people of Airdrie and Southern Alberta, which is suitable for all ages! is open. In 1996, the Airdrie Festival of Lights Society (AFOLS) began with a group of local residents committed to putting Airdrie on the map.  That group grew over the years to become the Airdrie Festival of Lights Society, which…
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Market Statistics


As anticipated from past historical data of the typical winter months in real estate, it has been slow for the month of December. The real estate market in the city of Calgary has been slower for the entire city in general, but houses priced right, and in the right location will still fly off the shelf like hot cakes.

Overall, the Calgary Real Estate average prices has been dropping month over month since the beginning of 2018 because of a few economic factors.

Here are some reasons why the Real Estate Inventory has been slowing:

1. The consumer confidence seems to be at an all-time low.

2. The challenges in the Alberta Energy sector and record low Gas prices

3. Rising Bank of Canada interest rates appear to be hampering new buyers

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Guaranteed Sold - Sell your House in 90 days


Especially at this time in the real estate cycle in Calgary, we are in a Slump, and may have certain reasons why you want to sell your house fast. An attractive program is to working with an agent to list your house with that provides a Guaranteed Sold Program. The isn't anything illegal or wrong about using this strategy, and it is attractive for individuals that are in a time crunch to sell their home. But it is rare that the program is in your best interest as a home seller.

CIR Realty does not offer this program because we share the same feeling as RECA does, and that is (according to RECA) "it is rarely the best option for consumers." RECA is the independent, non-government agency responsible for the regulation of Alberta’s real

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