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Financial Challenges that Women Typically Face in regards to their wealth:

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On average, women live longer than men
•In 1970, men could expect to live to age 69 and women to age 76
•In 2016, the average Canadian can expect to live even longer –up to age 79 for men and age 83 for women*
•Longer lifespans means women will need to fund longer retirements, protect their savings from inflation for longer and can potentially pay more for ongoing health care

Women are more likely to become widowed than men
•Typically widows face a 7% reduction in their median income in the first two years after widowhood*
•Being single can mean proportionally higher living expenses and additional responsibility to manage the family’s wealth

Women tend to leave the

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Smart marketing from this home owner looking to sell her very large home in Millarville in the most creative way

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Wagner's $1.7-million property in Millarville could be yours — for a small entry fee and some creative pencraft. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/millarville-million-dollar-home-contest-1.4985249?fbclid=IwAR2AWI9Up0vmclKSgZx5T0QtoL52-0dNqWDqDg04agG-0_cy3rWJoRoLeD8 

“This house — every single element of it is myself, my emotions, our designs, our comfort for us,” she said. “Every single craftsmanship and artistry that we had, we put into this. But it was all just to make it into a comfortable home, and to reflect our culture, because I wanted elements from where I come from, the Caucasus.”



If you are

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South Health Campus Seton Hospital South Calgary Hospital


There are 5 main general hospitals in the City of Calgary that serve over 1.25 million residents. And over 2 million people in Calgary, Southern and Central Alberta, Eastern British Columbia, and Southern Saskatchewan.

Foothills Medcal Centre

1403 29 St NW



Alberta Children's Hospital

2888 Shaganappi Trail NW



Peter Lougheed Medical Centre

3500 - 26 Avenue NE



Rockyview General Hospital

7007 - 14 Street

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We are big believers that mindset and setting goals are the key to success in life.

 daily affirmation beach be grateful

Here are some things that we practice daily and can help you achieve your success:


  • Be Grateful and Thankful More -- When people help you or do things for you show your gratitude, verbalize it!   Drop accusations and threats that won't build your success, and will cause major rifts in your relationships and reputation.  People don't want to work with those who constantly demonstrate those behaviours. Focus on positive behaviours and gratitude, these draw people to you rather than repel people away.
  • Make time for those who mean the most to you -- don't give up time to be with those that mean the most to you. Schedule it in.
  • Help your clients beyond
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