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There are many other reasons why we love Calgary. But we've mapped out our top 10 reasons for living in Calgary and why we excited to call Calgary Home!


10. One of the Sunniest Major cities in Canada

calgary sunshine - sunniest city in canada


Although the biggest topic that we often talk about, or the first thing we talk to strangers about, it's the weather. We often talk about how hot, or how cold (more often than not) it is outside. We do not factor into account that we are one the sunniest major cities in Canada - enjoying an average of just under 2,400 hours of bright sun each year, spread over 333 days, and over 52 percent of daylight hours that are sunny (source: Not to brag, but I personally think

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Green Lawn Care Tips

When the snow starts to melt and the sun comes out earlier. It's time to get the lawn ready for summer. Spring is a great time to prepare your lawn to be healthier and greener, especially when rain starts to fall. 

Keep in mind your grass has been through a lot during the winter, with freezing temperatures, snowfall and ice all wreaked havoc on your lawn. It's going to require some nurturing to bring it back to life. Nurturing your lawn doesn't mean that you need to treat it with chemical fertilizers and weed killers that can contaminate the waterways and leach in the ground. There are many earth-friendly ways to grow a thick and beautiful law. 

1. Watering: Make sure that you water your lawn long enough to penetrate the soil at least 4-6 inches

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Lighting Tips

Listings need to be presented in the best possible light – literally. Space and natural light are two qualities that home buyers are always looking for

One the first things that I ensure that my clients do - REPLACE THOSE BURNT light bulbs – in ceiling and wall fixtures, table and floor lamps. 

In the game of First Impressions, a poorly lit homes is a huge disadvantage. Darkness can make a home feel small and uninviting, even if it isn’t. Photos may not pop for potential buyers want to book a showing if the photos are darker.

The most disparaging bulbs are the unflattering, cool greenish-tinged bulbs because the colours are too strong.

The best bulbs to use are 2700-3000 K LED bulbs (the Kelvin scale number is listed on the package), making a

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calgary alberta iwreal estate calgary real estate city guide


Calgary is a diverse and expansive city built on a quadrant system with easy access to the mountains and river valleys. Calgary’s appeal goes beyond oil, gas and cowboy hats. This city has something for everyone.


Lying at the foothills of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, and at the meeting point of the Bow and Elbow Rivers in south-central Alberta, Calgary is the largest city in Alberta with over 1 million residents and growing.

Calgary has seen much economic success and is growing quickly. Alberta’s economy, driven by its massive oil reserves, is seeing its biggest boom in the province’s history. As a result, Calgary is experiencing an enormous boost in real estate, employment, and general population wealth. Alberta tends to have a more

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cir realty leading real estate companies of the world luxury portfoliio

CIR REALTY is Calgary’s largest independent agency with over 700 REALTORS® and Staff spread over four Calgary; and over ten Alberta satellite offices. As a member of Leading Real
Estate Companies of the World™, CIR REALTY is proud to also be one of the 600 affiliate firms in the world-wide organization that holds the number one position in terms of sales or volume
in more of the top markets than any other national association. Leading Real Estate Companies of the World is a network of independent real estate brokerages spanning 70 countries and including more than 130,000 real estate professionals who, collectively, sell more property than any of the large national brands. Compared to our competition, we operate as one company vs. franchised across the

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The True Cost of Selling Your Home Without a Professional Real Estate Agent

 House for Sale

Everybody wants to save a little money, especially when selling your most valuable asset. So when Angela was ready to sell her home a few years ago, she figured she could try to sell it herself — without using a real estate agent. After all, her property was in a hot real estate market, and most of her network shops online - and she thought: "How hard could this be?"

Angela, a busy single mother of two, had become overwhelmed juggling her daily responsibilities in addition to owning her own home. She was waiting for the market to warm up, and when she felt like when it became a “hot market”, she decided that it was time to sell.

In hopes of saving some money, Angela

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