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Proactive Seniors is Calgary's premier seniors housing consulting service.  We help seniors and their families find their ideal location whether that be low-income subsidized  seniors housing, funded supportive living or private pay retirement residences.   We are the only company presenting all levels of housing and care within both the public and private markets, including dementia care facilities. We take a challenging and time consuming process and with our expertise and access, make it a quick, accurate and simple for seniors and their loved ones. With professional, in-person assessments and detailed knowledge of every available option in the city we make sure seniors are in the perfect location for them, the first time.   

Kathy Mendham is the founder of Proactive Seniors. She started this company in 2016 and loves helping seniors and their families get the support they need to live well, whether that be in their homes or in a retirement community.  Kathy is a native Calgarian and is deeply rooted in her community.  With a bachelor of science degree in Physical Therapy and a business degree, Kathy's 24 years of clinical and consulting experience has provided the foundation for building a company that she is passionate about, helping a population that she loves.  


Proactive Seniors provides local Calgary Seniors wellness and housing consulting service dedicated to helping seniors and their families get the support they need, when they need it. 

We offer:

  • Proactive Seniors Planning - helping seniors stay in their home safely and successfully with an individualized support plan
  • Seniors Housing Support - helping seniors who need or want to move to a retirement residence or care facility find the location that is their best-fit solution
  • Dementia Navigation and Coaching - helping family caregivers access support services and providing on-going advice through the progression of the disease 


We all know the adage "knowledge is power", but for seniors and their families, knowledge is choice.  With more information, more options are available, and better decisions can be made. In Calgary there are:   

  • 80 subsidized seniors apartments/lodges
  • 50 private retirement residences
  • 25 funded supportive living residences
  • 27 funded long term care homes
  • 4 private long term care homes 

Many people don't realize that there are so many seniors housing options in Calgary and that each type has a different set of criteria for whom they can accept and what the costs to the resident will be.  The most important consideration is determining the correct location for a senior, is their health care requirements.  And not just for today but for the reasonable future.  It is not ideal for a senior to have to move multiple times.  The best case scenario is to get it right, the first time.  




Kathy's Tip:

Build the habit of regular family discussions. Communication is very important to making sure everyone is 'on the same page' with respect to planning for the future and respecting each others wishes and goals.  

Talk early, talk often. 

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