Lighting Tips

Listings need to be presented in the best possible light – literally. Space and natural light are two qualities that home buyers are always looking for

One the first things that I ensure that my clients do - REPLACE THOSE BURNT light bulbs – in ceiling and wall fixtures, table and floor lamps. 

In the game of First Impressions, a poorly lit homes is a huge disadvantage. Darkness can make a home feel small and uninviting, even if it isn’t. Photos may not pop for potential buyers want to book a showing if the photos are darker.

The most disparaging bulbs are the unflattering, cool greenish-tinged bulbs because the colours are too strong.

The best bulbs to use are 2700-3000 K LED bulbs (the Kelvin scale number is listed on the package), making a home feel warm and inviting, as well as more open.

These lights are warm, yet neutral, allowing the home’s true colours to shine through, while giving the most consistent results on your MLS photos.



  • Light bulbs in ceiling fixtures match in type and Kelvin
  • Under-cabinet, hutch, floor and table lamps on for showings
  • Dining and kitchen tables centred under light fixture
  • If there are dimmers, adjust accordingly for ambiance 
  • Remove window screens for more light

 Other home staging tips that help to shine the best light for your home:

-  Staging and furniture can accentuate light to spaces. Without it, the space is just walls, windows, floors, and ceilings.

- Most homes prefer a neutral color palette so the homes appeal to a larger pool of buyers. However, in real estate photography, it’s the pops of bright color that photograph well. 


As Real Estate Agents, we hire the best real estate photographers to take the best photos of your home. Most homes look much more appealing when shot in natural light, day time is best to take photos. Twilight photos are also attractive as they can help to make your home listed on MLS stand apart from the rest. 


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