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If you are trying to sell your house yourself, this is what it might sound like:

  1. Find a For Sale Buy Owner (FSBO) Handbook from your local Library or You Tube or Online Blog.
  2. Get your sledge hammer out, and get a for sale sign on your lawn. Go to the Dollar Store and get a few For Sale Signs and hang on every window and mailbox (don't forget to put your phone number or email in the tiny box below the sign). 
  3. Go through your filing cabinet (or the place where you put all your random documents) and hope you have your city assessments from past years. Go onto the City website and find what your house is assessed at. Forget your password and have to jump through hoops to find out what your assessed house is online. Go on your bank statements to find out what your TIPP program's monthly installment for what you paid for your taxes. Figure out what you pay for utilities,insurance every month just in case people ask.
    Messy Filing Cabinets
  4. Talk to your neighbour and see what they paid for their house. Wait for them to get home, so that you can secretly and casually bump into them so it looks like you are not stalking them. Hope they give you a good approximation for their house based on what you paid and what they paid and the approximate renovations or add ons that you did over the years. Maybe it was a "worse" market at the time they bought and probably assume that your house is nicer and is worth way more, even though the house looks identical on the outside. Ask them for an impromptu tour of their house so that you can compare apples with apples.
  5. Determine if those DIY renovations that you did with your kids to your home 3 summers ago will work as a recently renovated rustic kitchen and bathroom. 
    DIY floor project
  6. Binge watch HGTV shows and fix up any loose ends to make the home show ready. 
    HGTV show Rehab Addict
  7. Watch some more YouTube for Feng Shui Techniques, and put random objects in places that may have bad "Chi" or Energy.
  8. Find your dusty old camera or use your Phone to take photos of your house. 
    old canon camera
  9. Look for a ZERO commission brokerage to throw your home on MLS. 
  10. Post house on Kijiji or Craig's List or blogs to make sure that you get extra "Exposure" for your house.
    kijiji fsbo house for sale
  11. Add Facebook, Instagram Posts and flood your page with photos of your house that you are putting up for Sale. Fingers crossed, maybe my cousin or a friend that has stayed at my house a few times would like to buy my house off of me. Maybe they know an Uncle or a Friend that wants to move into that area?
  12. Answer messages from those curious friends that you haven't heard from in years ask why you are looking to sell, and where you are moving to. 
  13. Juggle your day or nights for random people to see your house at their convenience. Have to take off an afternoon off work again for another showing. Pray that the boss is in a good mood and doesn't mind it. Shoot, did you leave the house this morning because you were in a rush and forgot to tidy up in case someone wanted to see the home?
    Grabage day
  14. Set up an Open House, bake cookies and take 2 weeks to clean your house so that it's show ready. Make brochures on your work computer in Paint or Microsoft Word and print them off. Hang up community flyers in the area, coffee shops, local grocery stores, maybe at the medical and dental offices. Let your friends and family know that they can drop by between the open house times so that you have a ton of people visiting you on that day.
    Cookie Fail Open House
  15. Buy more signs to let people know that the open house is today, stick them on light-posts that lead to your house.
  16. Have those nosy neighbours come over and you have to talk to them about why you are selling. *But Fingers Crossed, maybe my cousin or a friend that has stayed at my house a few times would like to buy my house off of me. Maybe they know an Uncle or a Friend that wants to move into that area too* Have deep conversations about how you came up with that listing price.
  17. Answer your kijiji ads with people that are looking to haggle and only want to purchase the house for half of what it is listed because they are saving you from all those Fees and everything else. **Are they looking for goods to break into the house later when we are not home??**
  18. Haggle with the Random Real estate agents who they say have a buyer, but may not actually have anyone wanting to buy the property, they are just wanting to list your home. They might have some buyer's and Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) kicks in. So you finally give in a sign with them because the home has been sitting on the market for 3 months already.
  19. Realize that this agent did exactly the same steps as above... And you are back to square 1. funny real estate agent - i never sleep - tacky real estate agents


Or Contact Us. 

  1. We will take care of the entire process for you.
  2. We will help to sell your home faster, with the best price possible for the current market conditions (we provide you with a 20+ page in-depth statistical analysis of over 3 months worth of data for your area, community, stats)
  3. We will take professional measurements and photos of your home to make your house shine to it's best
  4. We will take care of any showings for you so that you won't need to sacrifice any time off for showings
  5. We have qualified technicians, renovators, electricians, handyman that we work with if you need anything that needs fixing (and determine if it's worth a change/upgrade prior to selling the house)
  6. We also provide consultations for staging, and any other suggestions for what will help to sell your house for top dollar
  7. We will do all the open houses needed to sell your house 
  8. We have a list of qualified inspectors, mortgage providers, and lawyers to make the process seamless from start to finish
  9. Take back your time and energy, we got you.

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