red door, tips for painting or staining your windows and doors


It is important to stain or paint your doors and wood-framed windows to help to maintain the life of the products. It's important to think of these important steps especially if you are doing it yourself.

The casing is the trim around all your windows and doors. It is typically unfinished when they are installed in case of any damage when moving things inside and around the house. Unfinished casings will also allow you to customize them to suit your own needs. Plan to purchase wood filler when you plan to finish the casings for a smoother finish. All casings will have nail holes or small gaps during installation that need to be filled prior to painting or staining. Most home improvement stores or paint stores can help to choose the best type of filler that matches your choice of the finished paint.

All new wood windows must be finished with paint or a stain. The paint or helps to protect the windows from the elements. It also helps to protect the wood from damage from the wind, dust, snow, salt, sun or other elements.  It's best to use a high-quality Alkyd Enamel Paint or an Acrylic Latex Product, that would be available ay most home improvement store or paint shop.

On most exterior doors, people prefer to use paint that complements the character of the home. Sometimes the doors accent something culturally. Paint is required under the terms of the warranty typically. The door slab, including the tops and sides, needs to be painted to protect your door from the elements, especially in the harsh Canadian winters. Usually, when you purchase an exterior door, it will already have paint and high-quality primer, an additional primer is not required, but you need to use a high-quality exterior Alykd or Acrylic Latex Product for steel doors, or it will peel and look horrible as it wears over time. Fibreglass doors can be treated with high-quality exterior latex paint. Most stores that carry paint will have a good selection of paint to choose from, and the staff will usually help to provide guidance and could best match the paint colour, obtain product specifics, or provide instructions on the best product for your project.

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