Top 10 Elementary Schools in Calgary, Alberta

There are a lot of different factors to think about when you’re looking to buy a property and move to a new neighbourhood. A major consideration for many families is how good the schools are in the area. The school system you move to can have a lasting impact on the future of your children because, in many cases, it dictates which schools your family can access. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are choosing a place to live with access to the best schools. 

1. Ranking System: Start by diving into the data and looking at how different schools across the city are ranked. There are a few different organizations that rank schools, looking at how each school is doing in academics compared to other ranked schools. The results will also indicate whether the school’s scores are improving, declining or just staying steady. The ranking system allows you to objectively compare schools based on hard data about their performance.

2. Registration Deadlines: Another factor to look into before moving to a new neighbourhood and starting at a new school is the registration deadlines. The deadlines will vary from school district to school district but typically they fall sometime before June for priority enrolment. For cross-catchment registration, the deadlines may be earlier in the spring.  Even if you aren’t moving to the area until later, make sure to confirm these dates with your school of choice so you can meet the deadlines if needed. In most cases, you can still enrol in the school if you have just moved as long as there is still space.

3. Access to catchment areas: A school catchment area is a geographical area around a school that impacts who is allowed to enrol in that school. In most cases, students have to live in the catchment area to be eligible to attend the local school. While it is possible to register at a school outside the catchment area you live in, you will not have priority and may be denied entrance if there is not enough space. This means that your neighbourhood can play a major role in the education your children receive. When you’re considering which area to purchase a home in with access to good schools, make sure to double-check the catchment area boundaries.

top 10 calgary elementary schools 2022

Check out this website for the Fraser Institutes school rankings and how they rank the schools.

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