Smart marketing from this home owner looking to sell her very large home in Millarville in the most creative way

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Wagner's $1.7-million property in Millarville could be yours — for a small entry fee and some creative pencraft. 

“This house — every single element of it is myself, my emotions, our designs, our comfort for us,” she said. “Every single craftsmanship and artistry that we had, we put into this. But it was all just to make it into a comfortable home, and to reflect our culture, because I wanted elements from where I come from, the Caucasus.”



If you are looking to enter into the contest, here is the link:

To enter the contest, Wagner has set the entry fee at $25. 

She's hoping for 60,000 entries to recoup the value of her investment in the 5,000-square-foot, three-bedroom home, which includes a piano room and wine cellar. 

"I want it to be someone that's going to enjoy the place and is going to love being here and fit in with the neighbourhood, because the neighbours are incredible people," she said. 

 “It could be in the format of a poem, it could be just a few sentences that are so incredible,” she said. “Not necessarily a sad story, but it could be so compelling that I can just completely fall in love with the letter.”

The contest will last for three months, with the possibility of an extension to a maximum of six months. The most compelling stories will be compiled into a semi-finalist list and will be posted on the contest’s Facebook page, with the consent of the author, whose name will be redacted, to be voted on by the public. The letters of 500 finalists will then be reviewed by a panel of judges, who will determine the new homeowner.


View the listing on MLS here: 

I hope she does get the home sold or gets the 68,000 contestants writing, so that she can move on with her life.

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