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Calgary inner city people are often described as young professionals, empty nesters, retiring, baby boomers, and artsy/creative individuals.

Young professionals love to live in the area in condos or smaller dwellings because of the distance to downtown and where they work. Younger individuals also enjoy trendy spots for, dining, drinking, and entertainment. Popular inner-city trendy zones include: Inglewood, Kensington, Marda Loop, Mission (4th Street SW), 17th Avenue SW. Calgary Stampede happens in Victoria Park every July for 10 days of the year, and millions of people flock to the grounds to have carnival fun.

Many Empty nesters or retiring folks often live in inner-city neighborhoods because of the relative distance to work, and not need to be near schools. They may be individuals looking to live in a smaller home, and not like commuting far to and from work.

Baby boomers and retired individuals may have grown up in the inner city, and never wanted to live far from the downtown core may have been living in their homes for 30-50 years and therefore are not interested to move to the suburbs, hence make up a large portion of the individuals living in the inner city.

Artsy/Creative individuals may enjoy the culture of living near the trendy streets for coffee and entertainment. Being part of the Calgary "Scene" may provide many of these individuals the choice to live freely and minimalistic in the inner-city neighbourhoods. Renting may be their best options as prices may be higher than living in the suburbs or outside the city of Calgary.

Roadways that serve the inner city include MacLeod Trail, 16th Avenue, Memorial Drive, and Crowchild Trail. Deerfoot Trail divides Inner City from the East communities. Glenmore and McKnight Trail border the community from the South and North.

Inner-city is desirable for people that enjoy the relatively close proximity to downtown. Often inner-city individuals enjoy walking, biking and have Car-2-Go availability. City of Calgary's initiative to make the city greener by including bike paths, map located here: Although may be impractical for many commuters during the winter months, causing more back-ups with traffic entering and exiting the downtown core. A fun activity for many people and families/pets is walking around the Elbow River that borders the North of Downtown and runs along Memorial drive.

Many inner-city communities are transforming to an infill central because of the larger lot sizes. See our page about Calgary Infills here: 


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