It was the most pleasant real estate experience we had with Anastasia Dvorak and in twenty years if we were to sell this house and purchase a mansion, we would still look for Anastasia’s professional service. We have randomly met Anastasia in an open house, when we were simply looking around in the neighborhood to get a better understanding on how the real estate market is those days. We were living in a town house at the time being and we didn’t have a serious intention to purchase a house before we could sell the old property. The first impression Anastasia has given us was that she is young, energetic, shows a real care for her clients, and we learned from our conversation that her real estate work for her clients are backed up with mathematical analysis skills she developed from her University degree. Me and my wife, both with a science background, acknowledged Anastasia's strength and unique qualifications and had no hesitation to request for her service. It was indeed the greatest move we made, as now we are writing to testify how the selling of old property and purchasing of our new single house have all happened in slightly over a year of time despite of the poor economy climate. Over this period, Anastasia performed exceptionally superior as a realtor – she is always on top of things that need to be done and coordinated events to happen; prompt in responses; professional with advises and reminders on when & how to deal with the documents, lawyers, inspections, mortgage, etc.; and she’s so personable that we’ve found working with her is more a good friend than a realtor. We are so grateful that Anastasia has given the extra miles of help with solving our storage problems and obtaining an important document from the property management company – that we are sure most other typical realtors would not have done. We have no regrets with having Anastasia being our realtor for selling and buying properties in the past year. She is indeed “one of the excellent ones”. We highly recommend Anastasia to anyone.

Andrew and Eunice C.